Welcome to the most useless blog in the world

Welcome to the most useless blog in the world
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Monday, June 1, 2015

Charitivity. Day 3

The next week (May 23rd 2015), we had our last visit to Hati Suci. There, we were told to present out robots, diorama, and setting. In my group, they make or build a house which they called it Robot Family. The story is that they want to build a home for robots because humans created robot and robots protect humans. Therefore, humans make home for robots to chill and enjoy. There, they can hang out and feel a family. After finishing the diorama, we presented our project. Fortunately, and through hard work and creativity, our group was picked as the 1st winner. We got some prize and souvenir from the committee, but we gave it all to the children. As usual, we ended our visit by a photo session

Charitivity. Day 2

The day after our visit (precisely at May 17th 2015), we came back to Hati Suci, that time, we worked as a larger group. Some of us was painting the robot, and the children were so busy making the diorama or the setting for their robot as a background story. We didn't finish the diorama though. But the event organizer said that we'd come back next week to finish it. So that's all about day 2.

Charitivity. Day 1

The next day after workshop, we went to an orphanage named "Hati suci". There, we were assigned to guide a child and help them to build a robot. The name of the child that I paired with is Jessica (also called Ping-ping). I also have Genesius Hartanto and Collin Power in my team. Here, we taught her the process and how to make robot from trash, just like our workshop the day before. At first we told her to think about what kind of robot she wanted and then tell her to pick the material that she wanted to use in the robot and the detail of the robot. I help her designing and doing the architecture stuff with the robot, Collin helped in technical and material for the robot, and Gene helped in cutting, gluing, and finishing. After about 2 hours, we finished our robot and we four were satisfied with the result. Again, after we finished our visit with a photo session of all the participant and Hati Suci orphanage children.

Charitivity. Workshop: Let's Make a Robot

So, not so long ago, there's this event in my boarding house, it;s called charitivity: charity through creativity. This event is made by "Duta Binusian" from BINUS Square.

In this workshop (May 15th 2015), we have a workshop to prepare ourselves with some knowledge about how we can made a robot from trash. In this workshop, we have 2 people from Lumintu community to teach us how. At first they showed us the robots they made. Then they explained that the trash has already been cleansed with bacteria killer so that we didn't get any germ. After that we was told to made our own robot with our own imagination, we also have a glue gun and a steel cutter ready from them to make our robot. This robot making after about 1 and a half hour, we take our robot to Lumintu to be paint-sprayed. After that we finished our workshop with a photo session of all the participant.

Here's some photos of what the workshop looked like

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sedikit relaksasi malam-malam sambil minum kopi

Ya lu mau share #saveini #saveitu #prayforini #prayforitu berapa banyak pun, Indonesia ga bakal berubah2. Lu pikir kenapa banyak org2 kek gitu di indo ? Ya karna org2 baik, pintar, berpotensi, berbakat dll di indo berusaha keras supaya cpt2 keluar dr sini =)) Bukan masalah siapa presidennya, gubernurnya, walikotanya, pak rt nya, emang udah sampah banget orang2 nya emang. Kenapa ? Merasa kurang setuju ? Ya biasa sih, banyak aja yg ga sadar kl emg seperti inilah adanya indo. Kenapa banyak org ga sadar kl kita semua sampah ? Because when everybody's a trash, nobody's a trash. "Sampah" itu udah kayak emang sifat aslinya kita, udah ga bisa dibilang "sampah", emang berasa natural aja gitu. Kl lu ga ngerasa sampah, ataupun ga merasa sekeliling lu sampah, yaaa lu udah terbiasa dgn semua ini hahahaha. Udah tempat natural selection indo mah, kl ga keluar, cpt mati lu =)))))

Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Halloween err I mean, Valentine

I don't understand love. They say being in love doesn't always mean being happy, so what's the point ? They say being in love can change yourself entirely, so what's the point ? They say if you've fallen in love, then you know the real meaning of pain, so why ? Why do people need love ? Why do people want love ? Why do people want to be loved ? Is love that amazing ? I don't undestand. I've lived a long loveless life and I can stand still on my own till today. So I don't understand. Why do people crave for love. They've done something really disgusting and claim that they did it for love. So I'm gonna ask you, what's so amazing about love ?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kill kill kill......blood !

Funny how people said "video games make people violent", it's actually the complete opposite. Humans ARE violent. Video games actually suppress human's violent nature. How ? They satisfy it in games. They punch, they fight, they murder, they KILL. Why ? Why not, killing is fun afterall don't you think ? Don't you just get the pleasure when you watch they fall ? The excitement when you feel their blood ? The tremble when they finally stop moving ? The goosebump when you hear their  scream ? The smile on your face when they eventually stop breathing ? There's nothing wrong with me, it's completely normal for humanbeing, right ? There's nothing wrong with me, right ? (⌒-⌒)